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Last modified: April 1, 2015

Registration is now closed for our Fall 2015 season. To place your child on a waitlist, please click HERE.  Please contact the registrar for information on playing next season. Priority will be given to parents who either want to head coach or serve as a referee (u10 and higher). You can also visit our Board page and contact the appropriate age Division Coordinator to express your interest in playing.

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Want a refund? Click here for Refund Policy and form.

DivisionAgeBirth Date
U-548/1/10 thru 7/31/11
U-658/1/09 thru 7/31/10
U-768/1/08 thru 7/31/09
U-878/1/07 thru 7/31/08
U-108-98/1/05 thru 7/31/07
U-1210-119/1/03 thru 7/31/05
U-1412-138/1/01 thru 7/31/03
U-1614-158/1/99 thru 7/31/01
U-1916-17-188/1/96 thru 7/31/99

Registration Fees:

1 player                                         $130.00

2nd & subsequent players        $120.00



Click for Region Age/Division Policy


Refund Policy

Refund requests must be in writing and mailed to the PO Box listed below or emailed to and should include the child's full name along with parent name and contact telephone if there are any questions.

Refund form

Full refunds are available up until May 31st  (with the exception of Challenge players – see Player-Club Agreement)
Less $20 from June 1st - June 30th
Less 50% from July 1st - July 31st
No refunds after August 1st.

To request a refund or send in an application, please mail:

AYSO Region 678
PO Box 220307
Newhall, CA 91322-0307

Teams formation:

  • To keep teams balanced, no requests for teammates or coaches and co-coaches will be honored for the competitive divisions U10 - U19
  • We also limit requests in the U5 - U8 divisions based on team size to ensure that teams are equally matched. This means, depending on division, coaches can pick one or two players maximum beside their child to play on their team, but there are no guarantees as we must "Balance teams" for the enjoyment of all playing.
  • If you feel you have a "special" circumstance that warrants an exception, please let the registration volunteers know at one of the Walk-In registration locations.
  • Siblings in the same division will be placed on the same team unless otherwise requested.
  • Players MUST play in the age appropriate division. Read Region Age Division Policy

While we make every effort to see that every child can play, we cannot guarantee every player will get on a team if there is a shortage of volunteers and coaches, thus forcing us to limit the amount of teams we offer. We can't form teams until we have coaches and we can't have matches without volunteers and even referees in competitive divisions - so please volunteer!

There are plenty of other opportunities to volunteer and help make this soccer season a great experience. Click on the Volunteer link above to ensure you are considered for a coach or other volunteer.

Thank you and let's have a great season!

Gordon Schaffner
Regional Commissioner, AYSO 678