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All-Star/Tournament Documents

Important documents, policies and memo’s for All-Star/Tournament team coaches, players and parents.

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Post Season FAQ's

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What are the rules on scouting?

Coaches can inquire whether the family/player has any interest and is available to play tournament or All-Star soccer but the coach must not commit to a player. As awkward as it may be, coaches should tell parents/players they cannot comment on selections until receiving roster approval. The region cannot be expected to police private conversations regarding selections but, we request that they be kept confidential.

Why all the mystery and suspense?

Two reasons. First to protect the coach who has difficult decisions in selecting their team. And second, to protect the players. Many kids aspire to play in the post season but unfortunately, some may not get the opportunity as All-Star space is limited and tournament space is determined by how many coaches we have. We want to be respectful of the player’s feelings and avoid a rumor mill.

Who can I pick for All-stars?

All-Star coach’s sole job is to field the best team possible, meaning they should choose the top players from the All-Star pool available based on team needs. As this is subjective in nature, the region generally defers to the coach’s preferences but reserves the right to make recommendations or changes. If a coach sees a truly qualified player who was inadvertently overlooked, they should contact the Postseason Director and request the player be added for consideration.

Who can I pick for tournament?

Coaches may select any player who is interested in playing tournament provided the player played AYSO that corresponding fall season. The coaches are not required to pick any specific player, even if they are an All-Star. The final decision rests with the coach as there will be many families spending weekends together and team chemistry is an important component in creating a positive environment for the players and families.

What if two coaches wants the same player?

For All-stars: The higher letter coach (A vs. B), always gets priority.

For tournament: If two or more coaches request the same player, the Postseason Director will ask a family their preference to resolve the conflict. Tournament coaches are encouraged, but not required, to compromise on player selection.

When can I tell the player they made my team?

Rosters must be submitted and approved BEFORE any commitments or invitations can be extended to players. Here are the approximate dates:

  • All-Stars rosters: A team-second to last weekend of season; B team-last week of season
  • All-Star Player notification: On or after last week of season
  • Tournament rosters: On or after last week of season
  • Tournament Player notification: After roster is approved and conflicts resolved.

When can we start practicing?

Upon roster approval, you’ll need signed medical release forms for each player.

What are the practice priorities for players and coaches?

Since some players could be potentially committed to two or more AYSO teams as programs do overlap, players and coaches MUST understand where they stand in the program pecking order and players must always first attend practices and game for the higher priority team, unless given permission otherwise by their coach. Here is the priority order:

  1. Regional teams until the conclusion of their season, including playoffs; or Extra teams until the conclusion of their season, including League Cup.
  2. All-stars until the conclusion of their team’s season.
  3. Tournament until the conclusion of the team’s tournament schedule.
  4. Extra teams for the following fall season
  5. All priorities revert to #1 (Regional/Extra) for the new season on Aug. 1

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All-Star/Tournament Teams Results

The following articles highlight region 678 All-Star/Tournament results and participation.