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Last Updated: Jan 2, 2019

AYSO is a non-profit, non-taxable, non-stock corporation whose objectives are devoted to child development in a soccer environment that is safe, fair and fun. Our philosophy is: EVERYONE PLAYS, BALANCED TEAMS, OPEN REGISTRATION, POSITIVE COACHING, GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP and PLAYER DEVELOPMENT.

To help attain these goals, AYSO relies on sponsors drawn from the community. To keep the registration fee as low as possible, these sponsorships help with the following expenses:

  • Official soccer uniforms
  • Soccer balls
  • All the proper equipment (goals, nets, etc)
  • Field rental fees
  • VIP Program (Players with disabilities)

AYSO sponsorships are tax deductible (see your tax consultant for details).

AYSO background: All of our Regional board members, coaches, referees, and many others donate their time and services without being paid. AYSO is an organization run by volunteers.

Children are registered based on their interest and enthusiasm for the game, rather than on their ability as soccer players. Our region is comprised of boys and girls from ages 4 through 18. The teams consist of 10-18 players depending on the age group. Younger divisions have smaller teams to promote more participation. We have supportive family participation throughout the entire program; not only as spectators and supporters but also in getting players to practice, providing refreshments and tending to the myriad of administrative and maintenance tasks required to keeps the organization running well.

We know your involvement in this positive character building experience for the youth of our community will be very heartwarming.

Region 678 has the following sponsorship opportunities:

Level Amount Link in Weekly email Website Sponsor link Weekly tent Banner display Sponsor page VIP
Platinum $1,000.00
Gold $750.00
Silver $500.00
Bronze $250.00
VIP $25.00
Our Online Sponsorship Form is now available. For any questions, please email the Sponsorship Coordinator.

This Year’s Sponsors (MY2018). Please click here to learn more about those helping Region 678.