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Last Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Welcome to the Home Page for Region 678 referees. This is the central hub for referee information and announcements.
The 2018 season is upon us. Welcome – and welcome back! For those who have refereed for years and for those who have just joined the Ref corps, it’s very important to review the new USSF directives this year.
At 10U and 12U (yes, that’s a slight change from the prior divisions being U10 and U12), there are some modifications.

For both 10U and 12U, goalkeepers are not allowed to punt the ball. At the 10U level, we now have a build-out line. Region 678 referees should familiarize themselves to what the new regulations entail. The links below include both presentations and videos about the build-out line. In brief, the build-out line applies when the goalkeeper gains possession of the ball or when there is a goal kick. The aim of the change is to encourage the development of play from the back at the 10U (and 9U) levels. If you have questions, feel free to contact me at referee@ayso678.org.

A slide show from USSF describing the player development initiatives (PDI) for 9U-12U matches:

USSF PDI Slide show

A link to a video about the build-out line:
PDI build-out video

A FAQ about the build-out line.
Build-out Line FAQ


Please note that referees will be using the same referee number they had last year. If you forgot your ref number, contact referee@ayso678.org and it will be emailed to you.