Gold Rush is ON for Dec. 15-16!

Coaches, parents and players:

The legendary Santa Clarita Gold Rush is our biggest yet, which means more championship games and champions! All divisions are full, but we are currently waitlisting teams (you never know, be sure to submit your name to

POSTED! REFEREE SCHEDULE: The Referee Schedule is posted. Each team with a crew should have up to (3) game assignments over Saturday and Sunday. If you have questions about your assignments, please email us but only requests changes due to errors will be accepted.  With so many teams, we did our best to keep games and ref assignments in close proximity of each other but it is never an exact science. We appreciate your understanding. Please contact.

POSTED! POOLS & GAME SCHEDULES: Each team should have three (3) pool games, (2) Saturday and (1) Sunday. Teams have been flighted and seeded based on their ratings and teams records to ensure competitive balance. No schedule changes can be made at this point other than to correct any inaccuracies.

IMPORTANT SCHEDULE NOTE: The City of Santa Clarita unexpectedly took (2) fields out of circulation which affected the schedule. The bright side is the park has lights so there will be several night games, which is always a big thrill for the players. We thank you for your understanding as we did our best to make the schedule manageable for teams.

PAYMENT:  If your payment is still due, please send it in immediately, or contact the registrar.

ROSTERS: Roster updates will be accepted up to Check-In on Dec. 15, after which they will be locked. All players must have played AYSO in the fall season (United, Extra, or Core/All-Star program) – no exceptions – and must have medical releases.

  • Send in your application form, referee form and Region/Area check to guarantee your spot (and roster if final).
    • Mail to: Gold Rush Registrar, 24638 Ebelden Ave., Newhall, CA 91321

Here is what the Gold Rush has to offer:

  • 10U-14U Boys and Girls Divisions (multiple 10U & 12U flights, 14U if possible)
  • Guaranteed three games; 4 games for finalists
  • All Games at ONE LOCATION — Santa Clarita Central Park, 27150 Bouquet Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, CA 91350
  • Trophies for all finalists
  • Real restrooms (no portables)
  • A helpful and professional staff that knows how to run a tournament.Tournament format(Dec 7) Here is how the tournament has been formatted for each division:
    • All 8-team flights (two pools of 4) will play inter-pool matches and have 1st/2nd and 3rd/4th place games.
    • All six-team flights (two pools of 3) will play cross pool and there will be a Championship game only, with the top two teams in EACH FLIGHT (not each pool) advancing to the title game. (no 3rd/4th game)
    • All trophy-round games that end in a tie, will go to two, 5-minute overtime periods. If still tied at conclusion of overtime, the game will be decided by kicks from the mark.
    • There are cool trophies for all who make a final – Over 500 trophies in all!

What division will your team be placed in?

Because we have AYSO All-Star/Tournament/Select, and Extra and AYSO United club teams, teams will be bracketed as follows. In most age groups we will have Upper and Lower flights, so be sure to provide specific information on your team and make sure you specify if your age group. We want the most competitive matches.

Please note that 11U and 12U will play 9v9 and all players MUST play a minimum of 50% of every game, so club teams with large rosters will have to make it work or risk having their game be ruled a forfeit.

  • 14U Boys and Girls — 14U, 2005 and 13U, 2006 teams
  • 12U Boys and Girls — U12U, 2007 and 11U, 2008 teams
  • 10U Boys and Girls — U10, 2009 and 9U, 2010 teams


Sandi Franco,

Gold Rush Tournament Director

C: 626-348-3046 / H: 661-287-3302