AYSO Region 678 is proud to announce the return of Challenger Sports and their World Famous British Soccer Camps!

DATES:   June 19th-23rd, July 24th-28th, and August 7th-11th


Those who register by midnight this Friday will receive a free jersey


 In keeping with AYSO National Guidelines and the philosophy of “Balanced Teams” our region does not grant special requests for player and/or coach placement.  In recent years however, the enforcement of this policy has become lax and team balance has suffered greatly.  As a result we have revised this policy effective as of April 1, 2016.

A request for up to two players can be made in the 5U or 6U division by the head coach of a team.  The Regional Commissioner reserves the right to deny such requests if they appear to have no benefit other than to provide one team an advantage. All other special requests regarding coach and/or player placement for divisions 7U and above will be denied except in the most extreme cases.  Requests for players to “play up” in ANY age group will also be denied except when it provides extreme benefit to the player or the region as a whole.

If you feel that you have a special situation which deserves additional consideration, you may email a written request for review to commissioner@ayso678.org.  If the Regions feels there is a need to approve such a request, it will only be granted if possible without effect to other players or overall team balance.  All requests will require Regional Commissioner approval.






We are excited to announce that Roland Harmon has been selected as Commissioner for Region 678.  Roland has previously served in our region as a Referee, Board Member, and a Coach of both league and all-star teams.  He is an active member of our Referee Council and a respected volunteer within AYSO.  Roland is a leader who brings a lot to the table for our Region with a perfect balance of soccer knowledge from each discipline.

There are a lot of upcoming changes for youth soccer in the United States as well as for AYSO.  Roland Harmon is already taking on these challenges and we know that he will do a masterful job of guiding Region 678 through this period of change.

If you would like to lend Roland your support please contact him at commissioner@ayso678.org.

Great weather, great teams, great volunteers and a great day for championship soccer. We want to thank all the teams, coaches, parents and of course the incredible Gold Rush staff for making this once again an exceptional tournament for all.

Visit ayso678.org/gold-rush for the final results.

Thank you again for coming to the Gold Rush. We look forward to seeing you next year!!!

Joe & Sandi Franco, Gold Rush Tournament Co-Directors



Congratulations to our Regional Champions, but they are not the only ones to advance to Area playoffs.  Click on your flight below and if your team is listed in the upper right hand corner…well wash your jersey because your journey to greatness continues.

Thank you to all the players, parents, and teams in all divisions for such a wonderful year!

Boys U10 Friendly Final Results

Boys U10 Championship Final Results

Boys U12 Championship Final Results

Boys U14 Championship Final Results

Girls U10 Championship Final Results

Girls U12 Championship Final Results

Girls U14 Championship Final Results

The format for this seasons playoffs has been finalized.  Due to the rain delay and additional fields being unavailable, we will be forced to hold playoffs over one weekend on Saturday 11/19 and Sunday 11/20.  We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but it is the only way we can complete Regional playoffs.

Please review the playoff summary and format for important playoff information.  Playoff schedules will be released on Monday 11/14.

2016 playoff summary

  U7 Boys U7 Girls
First place Angel Alanis – 122 Marley Mehagan – 94
Second Place Casey Nuchow – 115 Jasmin Patterson – 92
Third place Jonathan Soto – 107 Madelyn Frink – 82
Kayden Morton – 82
U8 Boys U8 Girls
First place Mitchell Merrilees – 114 Amani Massond – 80
Second Place Jeremy Gurne – 107 Belinda Sanchez – 73
Third place Evan Gayton – 106 Ella Baker – 65
  U10 Boys U10 Girls
First place Jonathan Crowley -133 Nyla Seisay – 154
Second Place Serafin Tadeo – 129 Riley Edemann – 137
Third place Camden O’Neil – 125 Isabella Bruno – 133
  U12 Boys U12 Girls
First place Chad Mitchell – 153 Chloe Helm – 140
Second Place Sean Sendewicz – 146 Athaly Guzman – 127
Third place Brody Glass – 136 Sydney Lutges -118
U14 Boys U14 Girls
First place Emanuel Solorio – 144 Desiree Barragam – 136
Second Place Corey Myer -114 Isabella Clough -134
Third place Hunter Cannon – 107 Amanda Knopp – 120

The Boys U11 EXTRA Team, coached by Tyson Bills, Carlos Vasquez and Jared Birchall, finished off their the preseason in a grand fashion by being crowned Divisions Champions at the Players Cup tournament over the Labor Day weekend. These young men are poised to make a run for the Gold during the upcoming EXTRA season.  Congratulations Gentlemen!!!


The U16 Girls Silver Team, coached by Jeff Arnott and Robert Sargeant,  started off the preseason strong by winning their second consecutive Ventura Fusion Tournament.  The girls won all 4 games to take the crown on Sunday.  Their defense was relentless and didn’t allow one goal all tournament.   Congratulations ladies!

Ventura Fusion ChampsSargeantArnott G2001

Congrats to our Valencia United 2004 Girls club team coached by Danny Nguyen and Rey Kappel. They won the Thousand Oaks Summer Cup Aug. 6-7, winning all four games, scoring 19 goals, allowing 3 and posting three shutouts. Looking good as season gets ready to roll next month!

Nguyen TO Summer Cup Champsweb