Board of Directors

Last modified: September 3, 2013

Welcome to the Board page!

Here you will find all the contacts for every age group as well as the many other key positions held by members of our all-volunteer and all-world board. Our enthusiastic members serve on this board because they share a passion for soccer, and more importantly, our wonderful community, and want to provide the best possible program for our children – plus it’s a lot of fun! And you are invited to join the board. For more information, email

1.00 Regional Commissioner Roland Harmon
2.00 Regional Manager Christie Strang
3.00 Regional Coach Administrator Ryan Knopp
4.00 Regional Referee Administrator Mark Goorsky
5.00 Registrar Tracey Bailey
6.10 Child Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA Girls/Boys) Jennifer Chadwick
8.00 Treasurer John DePasquale
8.10 Asst. Treasurer Jackie Ferialdi
9.00 Secretary Maggie Massoud
11.00 Asst. Regional Commissioner Competitive Dee Knopp


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