(661) 877-4610 commissioner@ayso678.org

The competitive divisions of AYSO (U10 – U19) require certified referees for games to be played, and like all AYSO positions, our referees are all volunteers. While we have a good number of our referees returning for this season, many have moved on.

We’d love for you to consider joining our referee corp. Not only will you receive the necessary training to become a referee (which will also expand your knowledge of the game), upon completion of the course you’ll receive an AYSO Referee T-shirt. This can be upgraded to a full referee uniform, complete with shirt, shorts and socks, upon fulfillment of only 5 referee assignments.

Our Regional Referee Course will be held on Saturday August 21st. While the location is being finalized, we need to know how many attendees we’ll have. If you are interested in becoming a referee please save the date of August 21st and send a reply email to referee-rra@ayso678.org

The course will be open to returning referees as well to serve as a refresher, given that many of us have not stepped onto the field for over 12 months. And did I mention there will be food? (Yes, we’ll feed you).

There are so many benefits to becoming a referee: A deep knowledge of the laws of the game, a great way to keep fit, a snazzy uniform, camaraderie with fellow referees AND you’ll also earn your child’s team Referee Points, which count towards playoff standings.

Thank you for your time and again, please consider becoming an AYSO Referee. We need you!!


Phil Traynor

Regional Referee Administrator