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<a href="https://ayso678.org/faqs">Frequently Asked Questions</a> / You Mentioned discounts, what type of discounts do you offer?

The following discounts apply:

  • Registration before March 15, 2013 – early discount of $25 per entry
  • Participated in the 2012 Gold Rush tournament – discount of $25 per entry (cannot be combined with early discount)
  • Multiple team discount where you split an existing team into two smaller teams with less than the maximum size roster — $25 per smaller team or total of $50 for the split. E.g., $275 registration fee is reduced to $250 per for both smaller teams.
  • You provide referees and they are used during the tournament, — discount of up to $50. See tournament rules and invitation for details.
  • All discounts are subject to a maximum Discount of $75 per team

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