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<a href="https://ayso678.org/faqs">Frequently Asked Questions</a> / Will There Be Tournaments After the Fall Season?

Yes. Extra teams will be allowed to participate in pre-season tournaments and AYSO invitational tournaments, which will take place between November and June. The expected cost to enter these tournaments will run $35-$45 per player per tournament. Participation in these spring tournaments is not included in the Registration fees and will need to be funded completely by the team. The roster of these teams is also by mutual consent of coach and player, meaning a tournament roster is at the coaches’s discretion as to which players continue beyond the regular Extra season. And conversely, a player has the option to choose to play for a different tournament team that originates from our Fall Regional Core program or can petition to play for another Region. This is the same process as our current Tournament Teams that you may be aware of.

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