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What type of ball is used?

Typical soccer balls are used. However, the balls are generally smaller than normal. In other words, most teams will play with a size 3 ball.

You Mentioned discounts, what type of discounts do you offer?

The following discounts apply: Registration before March 15, 2013 – early discount of $25 per entry Participated in the 2012 Gold Rush tournament – discount of $25 per entry (cannot be combined with early discount) Multiple team discount where you split an...

How are substitutions handled?

Substitutions made on the fly. Players may not enter the field of play until the player exiting the field is off the field at the center point of the field.

What are the rules?

The rules are standard soccer rules with some minor modifications such as no offside, and some other minor modifications such as in futsal. For complete rules please look at the invitation.