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Region 678 Families,

For those of you not familiar with astronomy, today is the Autumnal Equinox!  This term is derived from the Latin word Autumnus, meaning “drop the beach chair, add pumpkin spice to everything”

It’s Fall people, which means it’s time to look forward to all the traditions of Autumn…except for soccer of course, because we now play that in the Winter.  At least we will, if we stay on our current path.

Last week we covered frequently asked questions.  We thought the newsletter was well received…until we were mobbed with emails wanting to know why we didn’t mention the Extra program?!?  Well it wasn’t an oversight; it simply wasn’t a frequently asked question, that is until last week.

For those of you wanting the status of Extra, it has been postponed by AYSO Section 10.  A Spring season is a possibility, but no decision shall be made prior to the beginning of January.  If you have other questions about the Extra program you can contact our Extra Program Director maz.badie@ayso678.org.

We have already received some responses to our call for coaches.  We still need more, but we are off to a good start and wanted to say thank you.   Without our coaches this season can’t happen, and the earlier we are prepared the better.  If you have not yet stepped up and want to be a coach, simply reply to this email and we will direct you to the correct division coordinator to get you started.

Speaking of getting started, AYSO has made significant changes to their online training.  Volunteers can now log intowww.aysou.org and can complete Continuing Education Units.  These are virtual training modules that will help new and existing volunteers alike.  Over the next several weeks we will also see expanded coaching and referee courses that will allow for virtual instruction and distanced learning.  If you are interested in the new training available log in and check it out, or reply to this email.

At the same time, we are still working on finalizing virtual clinics for our players.  We were hoping to have finalized already, but there are a lot of details to work out because we don’t want to simply throw up a zoom meeting and see what happens.  We appreciate your patience on this as we work to craft quality skills clinics that can be attended safely from home.

Rather than give you the weekly Covid-19 status by talking about the decline of positive testing rates and hospitalizations, let us recognize that today many student athletes were allowed to return to conditioning and nail salons may resume indoor operations.  To celebrate I say we all run several “40’s” and then go for a mani/pedi, because my toes are a mess!

Next week we will take a deep dive into what the postponed Extra season means for you, how teams get built for Area-wide play, and more information on the expanded training in AYSOU.

Your Region 678 Family