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Funeral services for William “Billy the Field Guy” Whitehurst, a longtime Region 678 board member will be held noon, Wednesday, August 14, 2019 at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church on Lyons near Orchard Village Road.
For those of you who were fortunate to know him and for those of you who didn’t but benefited from his tireless work to make Region 678 the best it could be for nearly a decade,  Bill Whitehurst passed away Tuesday (Aug. 6) of complications from leukemia he had been fighting the past three plus years. Bill was the cornerstone of a great era for 678. He was the field guy (aka equipment coordinator) for three different commissioners and started off co coaching U8 for his son back in 2005 and finally left the board in 2011. Billy was at the fields at the crack of dawn setting up fields, making the nets tight and the lines level straight and teaching the newbies the way to do things right. You would see him patrolling the fields in the region golf cart with his sidekick and son Bryce at his side and he was there at sundown as well. The man had a hearty laugh, a heart of gold (and 678 orange) and never forgot his Virginia roots. Billy touched everyone he met and will be missed by all. He passed quietly at his Newhall home, leaving behind his wife, Klaire, and children Bryce and Kalie. Our prayers are with Bill and the family and countless friends he left behind. #678 Rocks!
Joe Franco, Regional Commissioner 2011-2012